Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Inspiration!

Scouring through Flea Markets, Digging my way through old junk shops,Finding bargoons at my favorite antique shops, These are a few of my favorite things...
I've really had a hard time lately with finding inspiration for the Holidays, I dont know if its cause' I'm at the ol' day job way too much or the days are so damn short I wake up to dark and come home at night, or maybe a little of both. BUT I have found some light by way of Sparkley,Shiny, Old Vintage Rhinestones, and Buttons!!
Oh how I do love the hunt for something wheather it be in one of my favorite shoppes, or even on ebay, I cant seem to find enough of these long forgotten little pieces of treasure!! I really should have better photos, of these and maybe I will, I'm taking a trip to the Antique Barn on Sunday with my Sisters, so I hope to get pics there as well, If they let me...
For about 10 years now I've had a collection of old antique bottles, I've always liked them, I pick them up here and there with the thought of altering them, or even one summer I filled them with homemade bubble potion and made hand made bubble wands! Those were cool, But I always wanted to make angels out of them and fill them with pretty treasures, and low and behold Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine Beat me to it with Snowmen!! But thats ok, Mine are much prettier!
I dont have them done, BUT the collection of treasures has been collected, the vintage pom pom fringe and chenille bumps has been dug out, and I even have some really pretty wings to put on them.... Here are some of the jewelry finds I have...

These Buttons are just Beautiful!! And truly Antique, I found the same ones goin on ebay for WAY more than I paid for them!! The 2 on the left hand side are really pretty snowflake clip earrings!! LOVE THEM!!!

Earrings like my Mom and Mayma used to wear when I was little and I used to watch my Mother get ready to go out! I remember liking the smell of her perfume :)

Crown Pin with some missing stones, But I liked it anyway!! I'm sure if I owned a crown, it would have a few stones missing!

Look how pretty these pearl earrings are!! And check out the pretty little loose Rhinestone buttons are I found 6 of those on ebay, They are goin to be hard to part with!
Thanks for looking, and I hope I may have inspired you a little bit, I should have more to post next week one day, Maybe a finished Snow Angel or two!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Serious Post...

In Light of What has just happened to my Country I have to say what I am feeling, I feel it is something that is felt by millions...
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of my country, for the first time, I actually cried when I voted, and I actually cried when I heard my President speak!, I feel so proud right now, You may not agree with all of President Obama's policies, or with his tax plans, blah, blagh, blagh, But here is the reason he is the one, He stands for PEACE, He wants to end this horrible war we shouldnt be fighting, and He wants to bring home our troops :) They deserve to come home to be with their families, and to know they have a President and Country that is Proud of them.
One more thing, To know that as a country we voted for a Black Man, an African American Man, is so Important, I dont think I even can begin to understand how much this is going to change things, and to the prejudice people I even know in my family Shame On You for not understanding How Important this really is, Shame On YOu for voting for John McCain because of no other reason that Obama is a Black Man!! Shame On You for not seeing the bigger picture because of your narrow mindedness!!
OK I'm Done, I feel better, and prouder, and Happy :)
That's all for now!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trick or Treat Smell my Feet...

Happy Halloween and Welcome to the Party!!
Better late than never I always say!! I don't have an excuse other than I wasn't ready until today!!
When I woke up at the ass crack of dawn this morning I was inspired to write a little Halloween poem, The Moon was still awake and there was frost all over which made it eerily foggy and pretty outside, So, in my warm PJ's and sipping the first of many cups of coffee I wrote this little number, I thought it turned out pretty nice...
Black and Orange Glitter
Pumpkins off the vine
Candy Corn in Buckets
Witches Dressed in Fine

Red and Yellow Splendor
Harvest time is Here
The Moon wakes up Early
Night time Creatures Near

Brown and Withered Branches
Ghosts and Goblins near
What Costume are you Wearing???
Halloween is Here!!
Here are a few things that are goin in the Shop TONITE!!! I've been trying to a lot of things done, but Life keeps on getting in the way!! So, Without Further ado...

Mr. Punkin' Head of Course

Halloween Pals, Arent they the Sweetest??? They're keeping an eye on the Secret Stash Hidden inside!!

Close up of his little Pumpkin Hat charm...

3 Little Skellies all dressed up and ready to go!!!

Look at her New Feathered Hat!! And Matching Designer Handbag! I thought it went great with her Magic Wand(From Olivander's Of Course!!)

Take a look at her sweet little Trick or Treat Bucket!!

Look How Cute is her Little tiny Skelly Charm Hat Dangle, They are all the Rage this Season!!

Pumpkin Totem is Almost Finished!! Just a few more things to do before they can be assembled!!

And Last but Certainly not Least, A new Friend for Punkin Head!! He needs his arms, of course and a new Party Hat and He will be ready to join his Buds for the Big Night!!
I hope you enjoyed and had as much Fun looking as I did creating!!!
Luv, And Happy Haunting!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Look what showed up while I was givin the Halloween Goodies a spray sealer coat !! Lucky for him I was out side and I let him go in the Garden!! Not quite as cute as my interpretation of a Halloween Spider!!

Halloween Items...

Here are a few more things I have been working on, while I wasnt able to "finish" all of them I did get most done, and can NOW be put together and put in the shop, I wish the "Day Job" didnt get in the way of what I really want to be doing, :( Any hoo, I hope you enjoy and come see them in the Etsy Shop, and on Ebay, I will have them in by Wednesday, Not too Bad huh???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Halloween and other Ramblings...

Finally!!! Ive gotten some Halloween Items done, Here's a sneak peek!! One of these guys goes to Angela for the Halloween swap, and One is goin in the shop, I've also included some wip's just so you didnt think I was slackin these past few weeks!!

Here's a close up of Mr. Punkin' s kit kat wand !!

And a close up of his hat!! I LOVE how the little skelly turned out!!
(Check out the Orange glittler on that hat band!! )

And matching skelly trick or treat bucket!!

Close up of those sweet little whiskers!!
Now here are some wip's that I HOPE to have done and in the shop by the weekend!! I'm giving myself a little challenge so they have time to be shipped in time for Halloween!!

How cute is she??? I hope to have a few little Halloween ornaments done, she will have chenille arms and hold one of my cute little trick or treat buckets!! OH! and of course a little party hat!!

Those crazy Jack O Lanterns....

Hats...Bats... and other little embellishments made by Moi..

More Bats... aren't these the cutest, I LOVE making these, they will be in my shop sold in sets of three !!

Love this little Trick or Treat bucket!! I think that little skelly is going to use this one!!
Thanks for looking and hope to see you over the weekend!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been tagged...

I Have been tagged by Jeanne of The Candy Corn Chronicles...
Now I have to tell six things about myself...
1.) I LOVE to bake and I do make the best chocolate chip cookies on this Earth...
2.) Next to my family and doing my art work I have to say Camping is my most favorite thing to do.
3.) I collect beach glass and have about a half ton of it.
4.) I have a small fear of spiders, only if they are in the house
5.) and for the season... I LOVE to carve pumpkins, the really cool way, This year I have about 6 planned!!!
6.) I believe in ghosts

Thursday, August 28, 2008

RIP Le Roi

To my Favorite band on Earth...... I Love you guys and you now have a Guardian Angel watching over you.....


Hey All,
Lately I've been so busy I haven't had time to do any writing, but I did manage to get my fairy done for the swap!! She is so cute!! I named her Pricilla, after my swap partner...

I made her out of paper clay over wire armature, then she is painted,sanded,painted some more,sealed, and then dressed! I really love how she turned out!! Her hair is made from yarn of course,and she has little undies made from really pretty vintage looking lace, I have more to come they will be going in my etsy shop, along with some Halloween items I've been DYING to get my hands dirty making!! That's all for now ,I hope Pricilla enjoys her new home, and arrives there safely!!
Here are some more photos of her, I really like how her wings came out as well.... Made from Fantasy Film, Oh what fun!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Katies New Shop

My Beautiful Niece Katie Just opened up her own Etsy Shop !! Its called chucksmykiss, I dont get the name but It's so cool!! Her necklaces and chokers are really pretty and of course all handmade by her!!
Good Luck in your new business Katie!!
Aunt Kat!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Here are the nominees...

The Rules are as Follows...
1.) Copy and put the Award Logo on your Blog
2.) Add a link to the Person who awarded you
3.)Nominate 7 blogs who haven't received the award yet
4.) Add links to those blogs on your blog (say that 5 times fast!!)
5.) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!!

Esprit d' Art Sherry is my closest on line friend I have made, not only is she nice and a talented artist, she's smart too !!
Ullabenulla is such a HUGE source of inspiration for me I visit her blog often , she truly is a talented artist!
I met my new friend Jeanne recently, we are both HAGS on ebay, she is kind of coaching me through it, Thank Goodness !! Truly cute Fairy Doors are her Speciality
Leisa B. Has the most pretty jewels !!
I want one of everything from the Little Pink Studio, ( who Doesn't??)
I inspire to have a shop like Andrea Singarella of Velvet Strawberries, her shop is 100 Wishes, (only 100?? ) I wish for more :)
Last But Certainly not least You have to check out these ATC's!! Starr Girls World's 5 of Spades is so cool!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!! and I will get there on the ebay as well with my other endevours!!
O.K I think that's it, now I'm going to send all you gals a message , Have Fun!!

Look What Tiff Gave Me!!!

Tiffany of Ricrac Sally gave me this Web Award!!! Thanks Tiff !! It's my 1st award I'm very Excited!! Now I have to find 7 gals that havent won this award??? Is that how it works?? OK I'll Give it a shot!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Friends...

Recently I started to post items and blog about things on ebay, I got very discouraged, as you can see from my last post(earlier today), there is just so much going on there, and there are so many people, it was hard for me to find a niche, or a little nook for myself, But I found a little light,and her name is Joanne, and she is a member of the HAGS ,as so am I as of today!! She has a neat website and blog called Wildwoodsart, Thank you again and I'll be talking to you soon!!

Here is a cute calander that she made, I found it on her blog!!

E Bay gives me a headache

AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just had to get this off my chest!! I'm really trying to get myself out there as an artist and trying to "network" and do all that kind of stuff, but it seems to me that e-bay (which by the way does get the most traffic) makes it hard to communicate on purpose!! Does anyone out there in Blogland understand me??? Does anyone share the same grief??? (picture Charlie Browns rants and screaming here) I tried to post photos, nope, turned out all dark and ugly, I tried to find anyone to answer my questions on the matter, Nope, couldn't get an answer, I really am finding out Bigger is Not better :( PRAISE to Etsy and its creators. They make it so EASY, I will try to give e-bay another chance but I am finding them awfully stubborn, any comments on this matter would be appreciated!
PS. Thanks for listening

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dolls I Love and Other Ramblings...

On many of my journeys on the web, I usually end up taking a gander at all of the Beautiful doll artists out there , here are just a few ,I may add more I may not, but I tend to like the ones that are kind of sad, or ugly, or spooky. I especially like the handmade nature of these ... They are made by the Very Talented Artist Blackeyedsuzie.

Deb, The artist at The Laughing Doll is Fantastic!! Her dolls are full of detail,creepy,ugly,beautiful,and sweet all at the same time!!