Sunday, July 13, 2008

E Bay gives me a headache

AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just had to get this off my chest!! I'm really trying to get myself out there as an artist and trying to "network" and do all that kind of stuff, but it seems to me that e-bay (which by the way does get the most traffic) makes it hard to communicate on purpose!! Does anyone out there in Blogland understand me??? Does anyone share the same grief??? (picture Charlie Browns rants and screaming here) I tried to post photos, nope, turned out all dark and ugly, I tried to find anyone to answer my questions on the matter, Nope, couldn't get an answer, I really am finding out Bigger is Not better :( PRAISE to Etsy and its creators. They make it so EASY, I will try to give e-bay another chance but I am finding them awfully stubborn, any comments on this matter would be appreciated!
PS. Thanks for listening


Sherry said...

I feel for you -- I've never really done ebay -- don't sell there and only once tried to purchase and found the whole thing a headache!!

starrgirl's world said...

oh, Kat, hang in there! I am a longtime artist and just this year starting selling ACEOs on ebay. It started off great but has tapered off greatly. I don't think it is a reflection of my work - I just think it is the cycle of things.

I am part of the group you joined on ebay and it is a FANTASTIC group. Very active and very supportive. Please stay with it and see what develops. You already know that everything is a learning curve - I can tell from your work that you have been around and hung tight to reach a professional level. Participate and give it time - you'll see that it is worth it.

Best wishes!

robertsloan2art said...

Hi, Kat,

I'm one of the moderators in the ACEO group, and I got your email. You're right about one thing, that eBay makes it hard to communicate. I could not actually reply to your email because anything sent like that comes from "ebay groups administrator" and thus a reply vanishes rather than going back to you.

I don't know why your photos come out dark. Mine don't. I use Photobucket when I'm posting them in the threads, but I use the listing uploader for the ones I use in the listings and they seem to come out exactly as I post them. That's just weird. If they look brighter on your screen before uploading, then it isn't your monitor either. You could adjust for the effect by brightening in Photoshop or Gimp before uploading though.

But if asking a question like that in the ACEO Art Cards Editions & Originals group, the best thing to do is post it in the "Ask a Question" thread because there are a lot of members, not just mods, who may know the answer to your question. Or send a message directly to one moderator, then it can be replied to and at least I can tell you "I have no idea" and you don't feel ignored.

Robert aka robertsloan2art on eBay.