Friday, April 25, 2008

LOOK what I got

Thank You to Colleen from over on the Etsy Cottage Style Group for sending my BEAUTIFUL swap item, I couldnt believe it when I opened the box!! Just so happy, I hung it just inside my back door in the Kitchen, I will eventually find a different home for it but I like it there, everyone who comes over will be able to see it!! I will be sending written Thank You out, its truly deserving!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Studio Space and Works in Progress

Hello! Over on my etsy cottage Blog I posted some photos of my little corner of the creative world and thought I'd better come on over to this one and do a similar one!! I find it sooooo neat to see where some of my favorite artists create their magic...Any Hoo my studio is pretty much a creepy spot int the basement right now, but it will become pretty over the next few months, I will post some progress of that when I can, In the meantime i do all of my work in the kitchen, the family doesnt mind eating dinner where ever they sit, and I get to make things in between dishes and breakfast!! LOL!
Can you tell that Halloween is already in my head?? It is slowly becoming a favorite holiday of mine, the smells, the sights,the jack o lanterns I love all of it, AND I have all summer to work on stuff!!
I really LOVE this little guy!! he really needs to get finished I want to put him "in a pumpkin shell" and I will keep him very well!! Talk to you soon :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vintage Swap

I know I know I wasnt supposed to post the photos of my swap Items yet but I couldnt wait...Plus if I do it here not everyone in the swap will see them,they probably dont visit here as much as the cottage etsy blog group, any way here they are...
This one is of the collage I did for Colleen ,my swap partner and hopefully new friend, I think she is soooooooo cute and reminds me of my beautiful niece Katie, I'll have to make her one! This is the little bird I sent I just LOVE these, the little eggs are handmade by moi with clay, then painted and speckled like a Robin's egg.How cute is that?? I just love how these turned out! Here are the two together!!Last but not least I made the cutest birds out of clay as little charms and hung them on sheer robin's egg blue ribbon. Well that's it I hope the swap is a success and I get to participate in some others, it was sooooooo fun!!
Good Night,

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Circus is in Kat's Imagination

Lately I've been dreaming about the circus and how I will be able to incorporate it into my art work... I've stumbled upon some AWESOME web sites while doing a little research on traveling circuses and old time carnivals. Catherine Moore is such an inspiration to me and I just found her, Not only do we share the same name, only spelled different but I think if I knew her in real life not cyber life :) we would be good friends!! Also I came across a very inspirational site by the very talented Phee McFaddell her paper dolls and illustrated characters are Fantastic!! What do you suppose is inside this Beautiful Circus Wagon??? I hope to find out!! If any one has any great insights as to where I can find some more images and info on these beautiful carnival wagons I would love you to leave a comment, and check back in the future, I am in the process of creating something really great!! Also when I get more info I will post it here as well!! I have a sinking suspicion that I just found out what was going on in that Cole Brothers Traveling Circus Wagon!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's been a while...

OK, I know, I know its been a while since I've posted but as usual I've been busy with the day job and life in general, I have managed to get most of my items done for my vintage swap over on cottage etsy, and I've been making a few things here and there. A stupid cold has kept me in the BLAHS, but I'm taking my medicine, and fluids ,and rest, if that's what you want to call it!!Also I think I'm going to start creating an art journal, I totally understand why artists keep one I just never felt motivated to do it, but you know how it goes, once you start creating, the ideas come pouring in and I'm sick of having all these ugly pieces of notebook paper lying around.I write down an idea or draw little sketches of things and they literally are lying all over the house and it really needs to be more organized :( we'll see how that goes!! In the mean time I've been pondering what my next artistic endeavor will be, and I have a ton of things I wish I had time to make, so we'll go one at a time...
I want to make some tassels that look like vintage dresses and ball gowns like what Marie Antoinette wore or ones that look like Renaissance courtesans gowns ... That is what I want to wear with my hair all up and made to look like a huge bee hive filled with flowers and glitter and Aqua Net!!!