Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vintage Swap

I know I know I wasnt supposed to post the photos of my swap Items yet but I couldnt wait...Plus if I do it here not everyone in the swap will see them,they probably dont visit here as much as the cottage etsy blog group, any way here they are...
This one is of the collage I did for Colleen ,my swap partner and hopefully new friend, I think she is soooooooo cute and reminds me of my beautiful niece Katie, I'll have to make her one! This is the little bird I sent I just LOVE these, the little eggs are handmade by moi with clay, then painted and speckled like a Robin's egg.How cute is that?? I just love how these turned out! Here are the two together!!Last but not least I made the cutest birds out of clay as little charms and hung them on sheer robin's egg blue ribbon. Well that's it I hope the swap is a success and I get to participate in some others, it was sooooooo fun!!
Good Night,


The Vintage Butterfly said...

Kat, your stuff is simply gorgeous! I love the birdies and the collage work is adorable! Your partner is going to love this stuff.
We are going to have to talk about your birds and nests, I want one! :D

Sherry/Cherie said...

Oh I think your partner is going to be very impressed and really thrilled with what she receives. It's all beautiful!!

starrynightimpressions said...

that birdie nest is so darling! thanks for the sneak peek.

paula clare said...

OH MY GOSH...HOW ADORABLE! I love, love LOVE your drawing/painting style and all your fat little birds! We are kindred spirits, I can tell already!