Monday, April 7, 2008

The Circus is in Kat's Imagination

Lately I've been dreaming about the circus and how I will be able to incorporate it into my art work... I've stumbled upon some AWESOME web sites while doing a little research on traveling circuses and old time carnivals. Catherine Moore is such an inspiration to me and I just found her, Not only do we share the same name, only spelled different but I think if I knew her in real life not cyber life :) we would be good friends!! Also I came across a very inspirational site by the very talented Phee McFaddell her paper dolls and illustrated characters are Fantastic!! What do you suppose is inside this Beautiful Circus Wagon??? I hope to find out!! If any one has any great insights as to where I can find some more images and info on these beautiful carnival wagons I would love you to leave a comment, and check back in the future, I am in the process of creating something really great!! Also when I get more info I will post it here as well!! I have a sinking suspicion that I just found out what was going on in that Cole Brothers Traveling Circus Wagon!!


Sherry/Cherie said...

I totally love Catherine Moore...started out with some of her papers (nesting) and then bought some of her clear Character Constructions stamps. I'm doing a toy theatre (Marie Antoinette abundance!) with a group she started...we "show and tell" at the end of May!

paula clare said...

THIS is spooky...I just did some ATCs of a circus! NO KIDDING! How WEIRD is that? I'm not sure where the inpspiration came from or what even possessed me...wanna trade a circus in YOUR head for a circus in MINE? lol