Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love is in the Air...

Hello to all, I havent been on since before Christmas but I wanted to make sure when I came on to post it was about something and not just the usual update to let you know I was still alive but feeling uninspired Blah,blah,blah!!
I have been working on putting two Valentine Swaps together, and I think they came out really cute!! I'm not really the Valentine type, I mean the Hubby and I dont really get each other anything and I dont really care weather I get candy and roses or not. We like to get each other things and do things for each other throughout the whole year, so Feb. 14 is just another day in Love...... (yuck right??)
To be honest with you I have been feeling very uninspired lately and I suppose its just a case of the January Blues, I get them every year an then something happens, I dont know if its the anticipation of Spring, or the Birdhouse out side my Kitchen window, or maybe even that the days seem to be getting a little longer, I start to feel antsy to Create something!! I believe Thumper called it "Twitterpated".
I will be working a lot the next few weeks and getting all my ideas together for a new blog I have been wanting to create but never made a priority also getting so many of the projects I have started but never finished!!
Here are some photos of the little Valentine Boxes I made for the swaps, I did one for PWGL and Jeanne called it "eye Candy" so I took that idea and went with it I think they came out fabulous, and they are low in fat and have 0 calories!!

I altered 2 actual candy boxes with really pretty scrapbook papers and glass glitter...

Then I filled the little paper baking cups with all of my favorite pink and red Valentiny kinds of "eyecandy".

Buttons,Beads,Baubles,Ribbon,Paper Flowers,Pom Poms,and even some little Vintage Crystal Hearts made their way into there!!

A closer look...

Another closer look... oooooooooooooooooooo I LOVE those red paper roses, I dont know if they are vintage or not but I've had them in my craft stash for years...

Tied up with a bow and ready to go!!
Hope to hear from some of you guys!! It's been a while since I've chatted with any of my online community of friends! I will be adding something like these to my Etsy shop within a couple of weeks, maybe not all with a Valentine theme though!!