Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Inspiration!

Scouring through Flea Markets, Digging my way through old junk shops,Finding bargoons at my favorite antique shops, These are a few of my favorite things...
I've really had a hard time lately with finding inspiration for the Holidays, I dont know if its cause' I'm at the ol' day job way too much or the days are so damn short I wake up to dark and come home at night, or maybe a little of both. BUT I have found some light by way of Sparkley,Shiny, Old Vintage Rhinestones, and Buttons!!
Oh how I do love the hunt for something wheather it be in one of my favorite shoppes, or even on ebay, I cant seem to find enough of these long forgotten little pieces of treasure!! I really should have better photos, of these and maybe I will, I'm taking a trip to the Antique Barn on Sunday with my Sisters, so I hope to get pics there as well, If they let me...
For about 10 years now I've had a collection of old antique bottles, I've always liked them, I pick them up here and there with the thought of altering them, or even one summer I filled them with homemade bubble potion and made hand made bubble wands! Those were cool, But I always wanted to make angels out of them and fill them with pretty treasures, and low and behold Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine Beat me to it with Snowmen!! But thats ok, Mine are much prettier!
I dont have them done, BUT the collection of treasures has been collected, the vintage pom pom fringe and chenille bumps has been dug out, and I even have some really pretty wings to put on them.... Here are some of the jewelry finds I have...

These Buttons are just Beautiful!! And truly Antique, I found the same ones goin on ebay for WAY more than I paid for them!! The 2 on the left hand side are really pretty snowflake clip earrings!! LOVE THEM!!!

Earrings like my Mom and Mayma used to wear when I was little and I used to watch my Mother get ready to go out! I remember liking the smell of her perfume :)

Crown Pin with some missing stones, But I liked it anyway!! I'm sure if I owned a crown, it would have a few stones missing!

Look how pretty these pearl earrings are!! And check out the pretty little loose Rhinestone buttons are I found 6 of those on ebay, They are goin to be hard to part with!
Thanks for looking, and I hope I may have inspired you a little bit, I should have more to post next week one day, Maybe a finished Snow Angel or two!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Serious Post...

In Light of What has just happened to my Country I have to say what I am feeling, I feel it is something that is felt by millions...
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of my country, for the first time, I actually cried when I voted, and I actually cried when I heard my President speak!, I feel so proud right now, You may not agree with all of President Obama's policies, or with his tax plans, blah, blagh, blagh, But here is the reason he is the one, He stands for PEACE, He wants to end this horrible war we shouldnt be fighting, and He wants to bring home our troops :) They deserve to come home to be with their families, and to know they have a President and Country that is Proud of them.
One more thing, To know that as a country we voted for a Black Man, an African American Man, is so Important, I dont think I even can begin to understand how much this is going to change things, and to the prejudice people I even know in my family Shame On You for not understanding How Important this really is, Shame On YOu for voting for John McCain because of no other reason that Obama is a Black Man!! Shame On You for not seeing the bigger picture because of your narrow mindedness!!
OK I'm Done, I feel better, and prouder, and Happy :)
That's all for now!!