Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Hey There !! Just wanted to post a few pics of the new collage I've been working on.
She started out wearing a soft purple raincoat then I took her to the store and totally changed her look!!I also made a few atc's to match (those are so fun) I will be putting her in the Etsy shop as soon as she's done, I think I need to highlight the crystal raindrops with some white paint and glitter!! Now that she's finished I can begin work on the Vintage Beach Cottage Swap!! I have a whole bunch of ideas for that now I need to sort them and put them together!!
Here are the atc's I made to match, I really love Fido in the upside down Umbrella isn't he so cute??

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My atc's

Hey It's been a while since I've been here to post, I've been busy on the Etsy Cottage blog site, running swaps and talking to all my friends over there, I've also been busy with the day job working as much OT as possible since the hubby is still out on strike :( . Say a little prayer for him, he is so patient and I know it bothers him but he holds it in, any hoo, ... I have found time to clean out the studio space in the basement and get my art studio started :) I'm soooooooo excited, I dont have to take up kitchen space any more, my family can actually eat at the kitchen table soon, :) and I can get going on a lot of projects I've been wanting to do for EVER !!
I really need to start posting my pics of the art work I've been managing to get done, literally between 3 and 5 in the morning, ( God bless you Mom ) Some of it is sold, but not all of it, also, a few posts back I talked about getting an art journal started, and I still havent, but thats what blogging is for isn't it?? Any hoo, here are some atc's I've done recently, they are sooooooooo addicting to do once you get started, I would love to trade some if any one is interested or I'd like to get some atc swaps started, I really haven't traded any yet and that's what they're for right?? I really like doing them in 3's and giving them as a Thank You gift with some of the collages I've been doing, I like to coordinate the atc with the collage, It's a lot of fun!!
Talk to you soon, and enjoy the pics.