Monday, July 14, 2008

Here are the nominees...

The Rules are as Follows...
1.) Copy and put the Award Logo on your Blog
2.) Add a link to the Person who awarded you
3.)Nominate 7 blogs who haven't received the award yet
4.) Add links to those blogs on your blog (say that 5 times fast!!)
5.) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!!

Esprit d' Art Sherry is my closest on line friend I have made, not only is she nice and a talented artist, she's smart too !!
Ullabenulla is such a HUGE source of inspiration for me I visit her blog often , she truly is a talented artist!
I met my new friend Jeanne recently, we are both HAGS on ebay, she is kind of coaching me through it, Thank Goodness !! Truly cute Fairy Doors are her Speciality
Leisa B. Has the most pretty jewels !!
I want one of everything from the Little Pink Studio, ( who Doesn't??)
I inspire to have a shop like Andrea Singarella of Velvet Strawberries, her shop is 100 Wishes, (only 100?? ) I wish for more :)
Last But Certainly not least You have to check out these ATC's!! Starr Girls World's 5 of Spades is so cool!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!! and I will get there on the ebay as well with my other endevours!!
O.K I think that's it, now I'm going to send all you gals a message , Have Fun!!


Sherry said...

Kat, you are so sweet and I am so touched by your kind words!!! Hope we have a chance to meet this weekend!! xo

Ulla said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a treat to receive your award and bask in the limelight for a few moments... I am honored and touched!

Little Pink Studio said...

How very sweet of you! Thank you so much!
~Cerri xo

Kasey said...

i love those blogs.

Jeanne said...

Totally awesome! Thank you!


starrgirl's world said...

Thanks, Kat! I am just catching up with you and the award is such a treat! I love your blog - such nice work here. And some great links!

I'll be back!!