Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dolls I Love and Other Ramblings...

On many of my journeys on the web, I usually end up taking a gander at all of the Beautiful doll artists out there , here are just a few ,I may add more I may not, but I tend to like the ones that are kind of sad, or ugly, or spooky. I especially like the handmade nature of these ... They are made by the Very Talented Artist Blackeyedsuzie.

Deb, The artist at The Laughing Doll is Fantastic!! Her dolls are full of detail,creepy,ugly,beautiful,and sweet all at the same time!!

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Sherry said...

I love dolls too -- I don't make them and I don't collect them, but I certainly love looking at them. I like the ones by Du Bu Duh designs too -- going to check out the artists you've mentioned!