Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off the Beatin Path...

I have been up to no good of course, not paying any attention to my clay, its just getting hard down in the studio :(
I have been neglecting my new business adventure that is Black Kat, only to be on the Motorcycle!!!
I know, I know, I should be responsible, and follow through with ALL my obligations, but I'm sorry I cant, when I'm not at the day job (yuck) I am on the bike, I.. have become addicted, I cant help it, all I want to do is go places on the bike, and I totally blame this cutie, Yes, Thats my Hubby, BUT its now his fault that I am now a biker!! I absolutely LOVE it, and I am hooked, the more I ride the better I'm getting, so Thank You, Mark!! Yay!! One of these days, (I suppose when its raining) I can get back to doing whatever it is I should be re: responsibilities and then back on the bike!!

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Rhondamum said...

Hey Kat! Just trying to find you and see how you have been doing! Give me a shout when you get a chance! Rhonda...