Friday, March 20, 2009

Where has the time gone???

Hello all!! I cant believe its the first day of Spring already, this marks the beginning of a really busy weekend for us, Tomorrow is mine and the Hubby's wedding anniversary, (Let's see if he remembers) its 12 years and we usually go away for the weekend sometime throughout the year.
Then its my oldest son's B-day on Sunday!! 14 whew! How fast did that go??? He doesn't need me anymore and knows everything there is to know about life, so I guess my job is done WHEW!! That only took 14 years, I must be good!! Ha, Ha LOL!!!
In all seriousness, it does go by too fast, so if any of you out there have little ones, PLEASE take advantage of this time right now, they are only babies for such a short time, and pretty soon, they become teens, it is much harder than I thought, and I now know how right my Mother was. I say that more and more these days...
Now to change the subject...
I am embarking on new and exciting adventure, Opening my own baking business, after all I do know my way around the kitchen (Day Job) and baking is a secret passion of mine, that has been dying to get out for a few years now.
I have all the Business licences filed and the DBA paperwork is done, I am starting small setting up shop at our local farmers market every Saturday during the summer, it is going to be hard with keeping the dredded day job, but... anything worth doing is hard right?? I think this is exactly what I need to be doing and that is a good feeling!!
Next, I am going to change up the blog a little bit or even start a new one dedicated to the business,I will begin next week on one of my days off, I most likely will be starting another blog, named after the business, but I will reveal that when I finally get my ducks or should I say cookies in a row!!

Found this little beauty at Teamsugar, its a pretty cool site, I dont go there often, but I thought this was pretty inspiring!!!
Thats all for now, still looking forward to a swap I've entered for Easter, and I will be back from time to time, my inner artist comes out to play once in a while so I will post whatever I am up to with that, oh yeah and also I will be setting up a lot of cool art kits in my Etsy shop soon, I need to destash a little bit, so I will be keeping yall up to date with that too!! Whew!! I better get movin'!!

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