Sunday, March 9, 2008

cupcakes and nests!!

Here are some of the little things I've been working on!! With 2 feet, yes I said feet!! of snow falling this weekend what else is there to do? Oh yeah we also went sledding but did I remember to bring the camera?? I suppose Old Man Winter is not going to give up on us to easily this year, but with springing our clocks ahead last night I know spring is just around the corner!!
I will continue to keep researching the net for info on doing a swap, it is hard to find info on how to do it so if any one has any suggestions, Please e-mail me or leave a comment, I enjoy reading those any way!!
Please check out my Etsy Shop in the next coming days for some of the nests, Easter is almost here, how cute will those look hanging on your Easter Tree??
Take a look at these cute Little cupcake charms, they are little surprise that comes with the "Cupcake Bunny" that is on my Etsy shop.You get one little cupcake charm and some ribbon to hang it from, for a necklace,bookmark,or to just hang anywhere, How cute for a friend's Birthday??
I will be offering more of those in the shop made into really pretty jewelry in the next up and coming weeks!! Talk to you all Later,


starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Kat, I love your birdnest photos. I already responded to the swap posts, but looking at your blog made me think maybe we should do a birdnest swap or something with a sweet little birdie, a tussie mussie or ?
Anyway just another idea for your list.

Kat said...

Great Idea!! For some reason, I really LOVE nests!! They are just so darn cute!!

Karin said...

Hi Kat! It's all so cute! I just love the little cupcake earrings! And the birds nest is adorable too! Karin@creativechaos